Our little heroine today is 3-year-old Arevik from Yerevan.
Most of all, our Arevik loves playing with her cat named Marie. The cat is her best friend and together with Marie she spends the whole day: wake up, play, eat, sleep, repeat:)
Arevik’s older sister has already learned to read; in her spare time she reads fairy tales to Arevik, and sometimes they play house together.
Our sweetheart is a very “musical” kid; she has been listening to classical music every day since she was a baby, and her favorite pastime is going to concerts and theaters with her sister and parents. She has definitely decided to learn to play the piano after finishing her treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
(We hope Arevik will finish her treatment as quickly as possible, and her family will be able to return to their normal routine very soon.)
Our beauty will be very happy to receive a lego-like constructor with small details and a large encyclopedia.


P. S. Our former beneficiary Mary and her family had prepared a surprise for our another beneficiary. Our sweetheart Arevik already has a huge Lego-type set:)
Arevik’s surprises, however, were not limited to this. One of the very dear friends of the Foundation, who wished to remain anonymous, fulfilled our beauty’s other wishes as well.
We’re very grateful to these very kind people – our dear Mary, her family and our loyal friend, for filling Arevik’s day with lots of smiles.

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