Please meet our 6-year-old Artyom from the village of Gishi in the Martuni province of Artsakh.
Artyom is the youngest of four brothers in the family. The elder brother is a policeman, the second one is a soldier (and was wounded during the 44-day war…), and the third brother is going to be a final-year student at school. Artyom is very close to all of them and loves to have “grown-up” conversations with them.
From his earliest childhood, our Artyom has never shown interest in cartoons and fairy tales. Instead, before the diagnosis, he was obsessed with football: he either played it or watched it all day long, while not rooting for any team, just enjoying a good match. Since starting the treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, watching Armenian sitcoms on the phone has become his only and most favorite pastime. (We are sure that after finishing the treatment, he will resume his active lifestyle)
Despite deeply missing his native village, their home and the shrine of “Voske Khach (Golden Cross)”, Artyom approaches the treatment process with understanding and does not even object to certain procedures (for example, today he proudly told us that he lay quietly while the nurse gave him an injection in the abdomen)
He dreams of becoming a policeman like his big brother. Till then he would be very happy to receive a bike as a gift (for size reference, Artyom’s height is 110cm).


Our Artyom was so excited about having a new bike that he couldn’t resist riding it right on the first floor of the Hematology Center.
We are very grateful to Liana Mkrtchyan for making Artyom’s dream come true and bringing him these unforgettable emotions.

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