Today’s little hero is 3-year-old Artyom.
Artyom is a very friendly and cheerful child. His hobbies are running around, jumping and playing with sand in nature. He loves water and finds it difficult to part with his pool in the summer.
Our lovely boy admires the animal world, and of all the animals he especially loves tigers, both real and toys. Artyom has a large collection of soft toys and loves to play with them.
Of the colors Artyom prefers bright yellow and red, as well as restrained black. He also enjoys watching cartoons and following the adventures of the Blue Tractor, Little Train, and Mowgli.
Artyom loves cars of all colors and sizes, whether they are remote-controlled, mechanical, manual or leg-driven. He already has cars of all these types, but now he dreams of a big car in which he will be able to sit and drive.


P. S. We are convinced that positive emotions help to overcome cancer faster, we are very happy when willing people respond to the posts about our children’s dreams.
Our Artyom’s dream came true thanks to kind Marina Кazaryan. Marina presented a big, turquoise, very beautiful car to our boy, as well as a set of small cars.
Artyom likes his car so much that, according to his mom, spends most of his time in it.🏎
We are very grateful to Marina for fulfilling Artyom’s wish and bringing him lots of positive moments.

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