This week our hero is 5-year-old Ashot from Gavar.
Although Ashot doesn’t go to school yet (and isn’t eager to go to), he has already learned most of the letters and numbers from 1 to 100 with a toy computer.
Like almost all boys, he is also a fan of cars, especially black and blue ones. Of all the car brands he loves Niva the most, and he is sure that when accelerated, Niva will not even be inferior to Ferrari.
He loves his grandmother’s gata, and when purchasing a bun or water, he always throws the small change into our donation box (by the way, we urge everyone to follow his example).
Our cute boy’s favorite toys are medical instruments and fairy-tale books.
During the meeting, Ashot insisted that we call him “Mr. GeneLaR” and interrupted the conversation for a moment, calling his “employee” and instructing him to “board a helicopter and fly to work”.
Our general boy dreams of having a big toyhouse (with a doorbell) where he can play and just hide if he wants to.


P. S. A good friend of the Foundation who wished to remain anonymous fulfilled our Ashot’s dream. Now our sweet boy spends most of his time in his toy house, where he has also moved all his toys.
We are very grateful to our friend for making Ashot’s dream come true and for bringing him joy and lots of happy moments.

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