This time our hero is 16-year-old Astghik from Gyumri. She studies at Gyumri Economic College and besides she also wants to learn cosmetology and become a cosmetologist-makeup artist.
Being very active, Astghik is also involved in the activities of the intercultural club in Gyumri, where she organizes games for the kids that attend the club and ensures they are having fun. Communication with children is easy for Astghik because she is the eldest of five children of her large family.
She likes to listen to music of different genres, according to mood. From musical instruments Astghik prefers piano and violin  and she has a special attitude towards guitar. she dreams about having one and learning to play her favorite songs.


P. S. Thanks to our good friend Arpi Oskanyan, the dream of Astghik also came true. Now she is the owner of so much anticipated guitar, and we hope to enjoy one of her beautiful performances soon.
While handing over the gift, Arpi also told Astghik about her relative who had overcome cancer and inspired Astghik to be stronger.
We are very grateful to our kind-hearted friend for standing by us once again. We are convinced that Astghik will continue the treatment with greater enthusiasm and will beat the cancer.

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