Meet our 8-year-old Avag from Masis, Ararat region.
Our courageous boy is in 3rd grade. Family members call him “panda”, which makes him laugh sincerely. Avag has a great sense of humor and is a calm and modest, but nevertheless he is a very strict brother and even tries to control his 10-years-old sister from doing this or that. Avag is very close to his 5-year-old brother and despite the speech difficulties caused by the disease, he makes jokes when video-calling.
Avag is going through a very tough way while being threatened for brain tumor. Our boy has been at the intensive care unit for weeks, but our strong Avag overcame that hard period of time. He has even made friends with  medical staff of the intensive care unit, and now they often come to visit him.
Very sociable Avag loves to play different games and that’s how he became friends with our Tigan at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Armenia, and now they spend all their free time together.
Avag dreams of having a big, collapsible pool, which can be placed at their backyard, so that he can swim there with his siblings.


Thanks to our friend who wished to remain anonymous, our Avag, his sister and brother now can swim in a big swimming pool.
We are extremely grateful to our old friend, for our Avag’s shining eyes.

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