Please meet our 5-year-old Avik from Artabuynk village of Vayots Dzor.
During our entire conversation, Avik did not sit for a minute. Instead, he was running in circles, then approaching and giving a kiss to his mom, then running away again, while shouting the answers to our questions.
Avik is very close to his little brother and does everything to make him smile, like singing, dancing, and jumping in front of him.
One of Avik’s hobbies is growing berries, especially strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, tilling the soil and, of course, harvesting and enjoying the fruits of his labor.Unfortunately, at this stage of treatment, he is not allowed to eat berries, and together with him we are also looking forward to that long-awaited day when the doctors will be able to remove the restrictions.
To our question “What do you want to become?”, Avik answered without hesitation: “When I grow up, I will become a daddy…”, after a pause he added: “…and the next year, I will become a policeman.”
Our strong Avik loves to play with cars and toy weapons and dreams of having a smaller version of a black, two-door Mercedes G, in which he can sit and drive.
P. S. After finishing the conversation, Avik jumped out of our office, shouting “Hurrah! Hurrah! I’m going to have a car”…
We hope that thanks to caring people, his and all our other beneficiaries’ dreams will come true as soon as possible.


It is very touching that being physically far away does not prevent our dear friends Sevan and Kevork Kalenderians from being next to our children once again.
Thanks to them, our Avik already has his dream Mercedes G, which makes autumn rides twice as pleasant.
We are deeply grateful to our dear Sevan and Kevork for fulfilling our strong Avik’s wish, as well as for their continuous support to the foundation and our kids fighting cancer in Armenia.

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