Today our hero is 3.5-year-old Daniel from Yerevan.

Our strong boy was living with his mom in Russia when the first symptoms of the disease appeared. After that, Daniel returned home, to Armenia, and currently, he is getting treatment at the Hematology Center named after Prof. R. Yeolyan.

Daniel learned Armenian very quickly, but he hasn’t forgotten Russian either, so he can now comfortably converse in both languages. Daniel has a very outgoing and energetic personality. He never gets tired of talking about his collection of cars and that special little red car that his soldier brother Samvel gave him while they were on holiday. Samvel is Daniel’s favorite and best playmate.

At the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, our friendly Dani enjoys making new acquaintances․ He goes into every room and chats with everyone, plays with other children receiving treatment… and then takes the toys he likes.

Our brave Dani dreams of having a big blue car in which he can sit and drive.


If you’re in a hurry at the Hematology Center after Prof. R. Yeolyan, don’t worry: our Daniel will take you wherever you want.
It’s been a few days since our boy has been refusing to leave the blue car of his dreams. He even insists on driving his “real” car to the needed medical interventions.
We are immensely thankful to Lilit and Vahagn for our Dani’s shining eyes.
Cancer is not contagious, love is.

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