Please meet our 12-year-old David from Yerevan.
He loves gatherings with his friends: taking walks together, discussing different topics, laughing․․․
Before beginning his treatment, he played football with his friends in the yard, interrupting this important activity only very late in the evening and only after his mother urged him to go home for dinner. Unlike playing football, David does not like watching it so much, instead he enjoys watching boxing and swimming competitions.
Being extremely friendly, he also managed to make many friends during his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center (special greetings to Tigran, Atom and everyone else). One of his close friends is the psychologist of the Center Arevik, with whom he can talk for hours and has even shared his secrets.
Our caring boy considers the idea of helping each other very important and always offers his help to the elderly people and to all those who may need that help at that moment.
Speaking about movies, David mentions that he especially likes action movies and historical dramas about wars. Based on the films he has watched, he philosophically concludes ․ “War is a very bad thing. There must always be peace ․․․ “, then he takes a break and adds with a heavy sigh, “․․․ but it does not happen ․․․”.
David has clearly decided on his future profession: he is going to become a chef and has already started to master especially in preparing salads and meat dishes. (We look forward to tasting his culinary masterpieces.)
David will be very happy to receive a bike.


Thanks to the dear friends of the Foundation, our strong David already has a bike.
Both the weather and the fact that David has finished the main treatment a few days ago, set the mood for long bike rides.
We are very grateful to our friends who always stand by our children.

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