Please meet our 4-year-old David from Yerevan.
Our sweet boy follows the trends and is well aware of all cutting edge gadgets. His passion is playing PlayStation games, of which he never gets tired.
David is very meticulous about eating, but he adores ice cream and looks forward to be allowed to enjoy it again. In general, he prefers “not allowed”, junk food, such as chips, fast food, and always gets sad when he is not served what he wants. Once, during the treatment, when David’s eagerly wanted shawarma and the doctor asked him to be patient and not eat it yet, he called his father and asked him to bring shawarma for both himself and his beloved doctor Naira Martirosyan, hoping that this way he would be able to convince the doctor to allow him to eat it.
Of all the cartoons, David likes “Masha and the Bear” and “Paw Patrol” the most, and unlike cartoons, he does not like and does not want to listen to fairy tales.
Our strong boy likes trains very much, and sometimes he asks his mother to go to the subway and just take a train around the st
ams of having a big red car in which he will be able to sit and drive.


P. S. The superheroes who visited the Hematology Center also made the dreams of our Vahram and David, two most real superheroes, come true. They are already going on long car rides on their new cars during treatment breaks.
We are profoundly grateful to Mariana Vartanian, Garik Sargsyan and Sarkis Kazanjian for fulfilling the wishes of our strong boys and bringing them lots of smiles!

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