Today our hero is 6-year-old Davit from Ararat region. A short chat with him will reveal how serious our boy is. When you speak with him, address him like an adult and clarify the meaning and purpose of each step.
He takes his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Armenia very seriously, rarely speaking or crying. It’s important that our boy knows why they go to the Center and if they’ll be staying there. Also, he loves when family members visit and always asks them for toys.

Davit had only attended school for a brief period in first grade before being diagnosed. This made him to miss his classes. Despite this, during his hospital days, he frequently joins Mrs. Ani in the playroom for study.
Davit dreams to have a dark blue car with big wheels. He envisions riding it to school once he completes his treatment and returns home.


We get more and more excited every time sharing such wonderful news with you. Our courageous David, whose story we’ve posted few days ago, thanks to the professional medical staff and our caring donors, has now already finished his main treatment course.
He went home in the big, black car of his dreams, thanks to Armen Kalantaryan, who, seeing our David, immediately contacted us.
Dear David, we are extremely proud of you.

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