Please meet our 10-year-old Edmond from the village of Vosketas in Aragatsotn.
Edmond’s favorite sport is football, he especially likes watching the matches of Barcelona football club and, of course, cheers for Messi. He also watches movies and cartoons, and in both genres his favorite story is about the jungle-dwelling Tarzan.
Our brave blue-eyed boy prefers to relax in the nature and watch animals and birds. His most favorite birds are eagles, pigeons, and parrots. He has definitely decided that once his treatment is over, he will have a parrot pet.
Edmond’s favorite hobby is painting. By the way, in the family of our modest boy, almost everyone paints. He often organizes drawing competitions with his elder sister, and sometimes their gifted mother also takes part.
Edmond wants to become an architect and has decided that his first designed building should be a 27-storey residential house.
He dreams of having Batman costume and a remote-controlled helicopter, as well as meeting with singer Lilit Hovhannisyan.


P. S. Thanks to our loyal partner Lilit Hambardzumyan and Peace City NGO, led by her, dreams of our brave Edmond and Gagik came true: Batman Edmond already fights against the evil heroes with his new helicopter, and Gagik enjoys his new BIG bike.
We are very grateful to beautiful Lilit for fulfilling our boys’ dreams.

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