This week we will tell you all about our 7-year-old Elen.

Elen likes going for walks and shopping, and is looking forward to “having leukocytes” so the doctors will let her resume these activities. She also has a collection of LOL dolls and can skillfully differentiate original dolls from fake ones. In her spare time, our beauty likes to watch vlogs in Russian, and because of this she can already speak Russian pretty well. (Also, she is going to create and run her own vlog soon—stay tuned!) Elen is very close with her two older brothers, one of which is serving in the army. Our humorous girl laughingly notes that now, since she has lost her hair due to chemotherapy, she and her soldier brother look very much alike. Elen is anxiously awaiting the end of her treatment, as once it’s done, she wants to hug and thank her doctor Gevorg Tamamyan.

Our brave girl dreams of having a guitar so she can play and sing happy songs, all composed by her.


P. S. Thanks to Peace City NGO and Lilit Hambardzumyan, Elen’s dream also came true. With her new guitar, she can already play and sing her own funny songs. We are sure that our beauty will soon make many new masterpieces.
We are very grateful to Peace City NGO for working with us again and fulfilling our beloved Elen’s dream.
We look forward to enjoying her performances together.

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