Today we will tell about our 4-year-old shy Elen.
Our beauty loves arts and crafts the most; she plays with play dough, kinetic sand, and lately she has been enjoying making sand pictures and asks her dad for a new picture every day.
Out of play dough she makes baskets, fruits, sun… and always a Santa Claus, because she loves New Year and is looking forward to kind granddaddy coming again and bringing her lots of gifts.
Instead of cartoons Elen enjoys following the adventures of little vlogger Nastya and her dad, and of all the episodes she likes the ones where Nastya shows her toys the most.
Our sweetheart Elen is the youngest sister of three and is very happy when her elder sisters read fairy tales for her. Her favorite tale is the “Little Red Riding Hood”, which she is eager to listen to all the time, but always asks to skip the parts describing the wolf’s dangerous:) actions because she gets scared.
Elen also loves playing with medical instruments and has definitely decided to become a doctor and treat all children.
To become even more skilled in the medical profession, Elen wants to have a set of medical instruments. She also dreams of having a bicycle.


P. S. Sevan Avakian Kalenderian, dear friend of City of Smile Foundation, again expressed willingness to fulfill a dream of one of our children. Thanks to her, our beautiful Elen is already enjoying her new bike.
Surprises were not limited to that: our compatriot Yelena, who lives in Moscow, also has prepared many beautiful gifts for our sweet girl.
We are very grateful to Mrs. Sevan and Mrs. Yelena for bringing our Elen many smiles.

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