Today our hero is 1-year-old Elena.
Our baby girl can watch cartoons all day long and she does not get bored at all. Her favorite cartoons are “Masha and the Bear”, “The Fixies” and “The Blue Tractor”.
Yelenka loves her 3-year-old brother immensely and enjoys playing with him. Brother takes care of his little sister and tries hard to cheer her up by jumping, dancing and running in front of her.
Our sweetheart does not like traditional toys, instead she plays with candies and sometimes manages to do tricks, like making a hole in the candy wrap and eating it. She does other naughty things, too, like not letting put a medical mask on her face, or pulling the yarn while grandma is crocheting and laughing…
Yelena also loves to listen to music, especially Armenian dance songs, under which she not only dances but even sleeps. She also enjoys “playing” the piano with her little hands in the playroom of the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center.
Our sweetheart dreams of having her own toy piano and will be very happy if the gift is given to her by Masha and the Bear.


P. S. Even during this difficult time, our children’s dreams continue to come true, thanks to kind people.
Our little Yelenka already enjoys her new piano, which was lovingly presented to her by 12-year-old Elena Khundibekyan from La Crescenta, LA.
We are very grateful to Elena and her family for making our little beauty’s dream come true.

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