This week our hero is 2-year-old Eleonora.
Elya is very stylish and prefers to wear dresses and definitely matches them with headbands and hairpins. She is especially looking forward to the birthday parties, which they celebrate with other children at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. She insists that her mother dress her up nicely so that she can go and sing the song “Ichi Burdey Tu Yu” (Happy birthday to you) for the jubilee.
Our joyful girl has a big collection of toys, but she likes to play with dolls the most. She also has a lot of toy medical tools, and all her dolls are regularly “treated” by Dr. Eleanor.
Although our brave beauty is still crying while receiving injections, she has learned to calm herself down during that time, saying to herself “it’s over, it’s over, it’s over”, and at the end, while still emotional, she always thanks the nurse.
Our Elya loves to play with cut-out papers, and of all the colors she especially likes purple and pink.
She dreams of having a bicycle so that “Elanik will get better and will ride a bike”.


P. S. With the support of kind and willing people, our children’s dreams continue to come true.
Our Moscow-based compatriot Varsik Avetisyan kindly responded to our post about little Eleonora’s dream, and our sweet girl is already enjoying her new toys and beautiful clothing set.
We are very grateful to Varsik and look forward to our joint events, which we plan to organize as soon as the pandemic is overcome.

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