This week we will tell you about our brave Gagik from Gyumri.
Gagik’s favorite thing to do is playing with sand, tablet and PlayStation, as well as riding a bike. He does not like to paint at all, and as for coloring, he says, “I’m not a little kid to color.”
Gagik is obsessed with vehicles of different types and sizes; large and small cars, motorcycles, quadricycles, etc․․․ Of all the computer games, he loves car racing the most. He has definitely decided to buy the biggest car for his daddy as soon as he grows up.
Our strong boy swims very well and looks forward to fully recovering and going on a vacation to the beach with his family.
Gagik enjoys watching Russian cartoons and is very fond of Aram MP3’s songs, especially “Alabalanitsa”, while listening to which he also actively sings along and dances.
Our guy dreams of having a big bike and meeting Azat (Boris Baghdasarov) from Azizyans sitcom.


P. S. Thanks to our loyal partner Lilit Hambardzumyan and Peace City NGO, led by her, dreams of our brave Edmond and Gagik came true: Batman Edmond already fights against the evil heroes with his new helicopter, and Gagik enjoys his new BIG bike.
We are very grateful to beautiful Lilit for fulfilling our boys’ dreams.

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