Please meet our 12-year-old Garik from Gegharkunik.
Garik’s favorite pastime is playing in the yard with his friends and riding bikes together, and in the evening they often play hide-and-seek with a large group. If the weather doesn’t allow them to play outside, they do not get upset and compete with each other on mobile phones.
Garik loves going to school, and maths is his favorite subject. Our smart boy has decided to become a software developer, and the first thing he is going to do after finishing the treatment is attending programming classes.
Garik’s family lives in the city of Sevan, and he often goes to swim in Lake Sevan. In general, swimming is one of his favorite sports, he enjoys attending karate classes, as well.
Garik likes Russian movies, and in his spare time, he sometimes watches cartoons, too. Recently, he was especially impressed by the animated films “Ratatouille” and “Zootopia”.
Garik dreams of having a big (N 26) bike, so that after finishing the treatment he can continue cycling with his friends in his hometown.


P. S. Thanks to caring Meline Ghazaryan, our strong Garik already has the bicycle of his dreams. We are very grateful to Meline for fulfilling the wish of our smart boy. We can’t wait for Garik to finish his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center soon, return to his native Sevan and go for a bike ride with his friends.

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