Please meet our beautiful 12-year-old Garni.
Our girl with unique name likes watching the “youtubers”, who describe the levels of various computer games and provide useful tips for passing them.
Thanks to these videos, Garni can understand and speak English pretty well, which, by the way, is one of her favorite subjects at school. She also likes math, and this has resulted in her choice of future profession: accountant. Wishing to add creative elements to an accountant’s work, our bright girl wants to combine it with a designer’s career.
In addition to combining accountant-designer specializations, she is also able to combine Minecraft, Roblox, PubG games and playing with LOL dolls. She hopes to have a big collection of LOL dolls one day.
Garni loves painting, especially portraits. She is also a very good photographer and considers herself her sister’s “personal photographer”.
In order to further develop her photography skills, our beauty dreams of having a turquoise (this color is a must!) camera, which will surely help her to get great shots.


P. S. Thanks to kind people, our Garni’s dream also came true.
Fruits of Love Mission, the main supporter of Peace City program, namely Naira Martirosyan, presented a turquoise instant camera to our beauty. The first photo taken by this camera is of Garni and Naira smiling at us.
Garni also enjoyed a wonderful day at Cityzen entertainment center and returned home with beautiful memories.
We are very grateful to Fruits of mission and Naira Martirosyan, as well as Founder of Peace City NGO Lilit Hambardzumyan for reaching out to us and making our sweet Garni’s wish come true.
We look forward to seeing Garni’s beautiful photos taken by this camera.

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