Our little hero this week is 2-year-old Georgi.
Georgi’s favorite thing to do is playing with legos and wooden cubes. He also enjoys playing with cars and motorcycles, and they are clearly separated by color; cars should be red and motorcycles should be black.
Our Georgi is a very neat boy – he always collects all his toys, picks up all the things on the ground and puts them in their places, his clothes never get dirty, and, because of being also very careful, he never does anything dangerous.
Georgi loves bears, pigs. He can watch the fish swimming in the aquarium for hours, and he always feeds them with great care. But of all the animals his most beloved one remains the cow or, like he says, the “bzho”.
Our brave boy prefers developing cartoons that teach the colors in different languages and, of course, stories about superheroes. He especially loves the Spiderman, whom he calls simply “the Little Man”.
He dreams of meeting the Little Man (that is, Spiderman) and receiving a toy Spiderman from him.


P. S. Our little Georgi’s dream also came true thanks to Sergey Shahbazyan. Seryog:) came a long way from Stepanavan to Yerevan just to meet our sweet boy and cheer him up. Georgi’s beloved “Little Man” – Spiderman had also joined him, and they brought lots of gifts for Georgi: toys, candies and multicolored balloons, all featuring Spiderman.
Seryog also met with Georgi’s family, and we are confident that this was the beginning of a new and very warm friendship.
We are very grateful to Seryog for bringing lots of smiles to our Georgi’s cute face!

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