Please meet Gevorg, he is 7. He is from Gyumri and has an elder sister.
He loves going to school and his favorite subject is math. He is a very curious kid, loves to examine what things are made of. He also loves to read and watch videos about human body and brain cells. Gevorg asked his mom to read with him information about his diagnosis, tried to understand details of the desease rhabdomyosarcoma, about bad and good cells and about ways of treatment. Before this diagnosis Gevorg loved to ride a bike, play with Chalo or play football with his friends after school. Gevorg is already registered in their local library, he loves to read fairy tales, stories about airplanes and dinosaurs. Now he wants to become a movie actor, so that he can play the role of Spider-man.
Gevorg really wants to practice karate and also learn to play a guitar.


P. S. Thanks to our kind compatriot Lilit, who lives in Germany, Gevorg’s dream also came true. he already has a guitar and is going to learn to play it soon.
It turns out that Lilit and Gevorg have much in common: both of them are of Gyumri ancestry and they both love Karate and German language very much. Lilit, by the way, was the champion of Armenia in karate and promised Gevorg to support in attending a karate group, as well, after his full recovery. She also offered her help to Gevorg and his mother regarding German language studies.
We are very grateful to beautiful Lilit for making Gevorg’s dream come true.
We are convinc

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