Our today’s hero is 3.5-year-old Gor from Yerevan.
Gor’s biggest passion are cars of all sizes and colors. He can play with cars, drive them and organize races from early morning till late night, without getting bored.
Gor also likes to watch cartoons. Of all the cartoons, he especially enjoys following the adventures of Tom and Jerry, Masha and the Bear, and the Wolf and the Rabbit from “Well, Just You Wait!”.
Our Gorik has an older sister Yana. Together they play different games, including pretend games like House, Shopkeeper, and most often, Doctor and Patient.
Our happy boy loves his doctors Ruzanna and Julia very much, but he misses his dad and sister a lot while receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. Just today he saw his relatives in his dream and in the morning he asked his mother to take him home․․․
Gor still doesn’t know what he wants to become, but his mother is sure that whatever profession he chooses, it will definitely be connected with cars.
Our boy will be very happy to get a big toy garage with different cars.


P. S. We get really excited when kind people express their willingness to make our children’s dreams come true. We get even happier and more excited when such a wish is expressed by our former beneficiaries who have already completed the treatment.
Our Gorik’s dream of having a big garage came true thanks to our other sweet boy, Levon. In the begining of the meeting both boys were shying away, but then they smiled at each other more bravely.
While Gorik was calculating how many cars could be stored in his garage, his mother heard the most symbolic wish from Levon’s parents. “Be strong and let the same happen to you.”
We are very grateful to our Levon and his family for fulfilling our Gor’s wish and encouraging his family.

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