Meet our 8-year-old Gurgen, who was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma at the end of 2018.
Our tender boy loves his family very much, especially his mom, who he constantly kisses.
Gurgen’s musical taste deserves some special attention – he prefers listening to Frank Sinatra, Adele, and the Belgian singer Stromae.
He likes red cars and the animated cartoon series about the naughty Masha and patient Bear.
Since Gurgen also has autism, he regularly works with a logopedist and has had good results due to his continuous work. However, a break in this work has had a negative impact on his speech development, so Gurgen and his family dream of having the opportunity to continue training with a logopedist.
Gurgen would also be very happy to have logic games and wooden toys to develop his memory and cognitive skills.


P. S. A group of caring people made our Gurgen’s wishes come true. A beautiful doctor who wished to remain anonymous gave him a set of exciting games, and our loyal partner, Peace City NGO, in the face of our beloved Lilit Hambardzumyan, replenished our Gugo’s stock of toys.
“International Child Development Center” NGO and “There Is Always HOPE” charitable organizations also expressed readiness to support Gurgen and his family.
We are very grateful to all responders for caring, and we are confident that with our combined and continued efforts we will achieve very good results in improving Gurgen’s health .

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