Our today’s hero is 3-year-old Hayk from Shirak region.
Our handsome boy is passionate about cars of all sizes, colors and shapes. He also enjoys playing with sand and modeling clay. He likes to watch cartoons, as well as to follow the adventures of young vloggers. The only “problem” is that no cartoon or video is watched till the end, he quickly gets bored and turns on the next one.
Hayk loves to dance․ When he’s in the right mood, he invites Robin the Robot to their hospital room, asks him to turn on the music, and he and his friends start partying.
Our Hayko is a very friendly and caring kid. Once, when his friend Alexik (2y) got an injection, he got very angry and began “fighting” with the nurses (the nurses at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center are, of course, very caring and professional, and we do not stop admiring them). Hayk was also very worried when his other little friend Miko (2y) had a fever․ He was walking restlessly and thinking of ways to help.
While receiving treatment, Hayk misses their home and his siblings a lot, so he constantly asks his mom to take him to “Itush’s (sister’s name is Rita) house”.
Our brave boy dreams of having a big car in which he will be able to sit and drive.


P. S. During his stay in the homeland, our dear friend, US-based Vick Ismailyan managed to fulfill our another kido’s wish. Our sweet Hayk already enjoys car rides in his red car.
We are very grateful to Vick for bringing our Hayko many happy moments.

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