Today our hero is 16-year-old Hayk from Yerevan.
In his spare time, our bright boy enjoys watching movies and TV series. Of all the TV series his favorite one is “Game of Thrones”, and the favorite movie is “Pirates of the Caribbean”, all five parts of which he has already watched several times. In general, Hayk very philosophically thinks that in order to be safe from disappointment, it is better to rewatch the already watched and liked movies than to start watching something new.
Hayk is a student of TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, where he has acquired knowledge and skills of various computer programs. Now he also uses them extensively to support the small family business, as the junior graphic designer of the company.
Hayk is very determined to fight cancer and perceives all these as a temporary challenge. During this time he misses his friends the most and the fun they used to have together: playing computer games (especially shooters), going to the cinema․․․
After finishing the treatment, Hayk decided to finally choose a future profession (a developer?․․․ a graphic designer?… maybe both?) and to deepen his knowledge in the relevant field.
Hayk dreams about having a guitar and learning to play it, and he already imagines how he and his friends will gather around the campfire, play and sing together.
Hayk has been a beneficiary of City of Smile ChF since September 2021. Foundation supports Hayk’s family by covering all his treatment costs.


P. S. Kind-hearted people continue to make our children’s dreams come true.
This time our strong Hayk’s wish to have a guitar was fulfilled by Clara, a friend of City of Smile Foundation.
We are very grateful to our dear Clara and we look forward to enjoying our Hayk’s fantastic performances together.

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