This week our hero is 4-year-old Hrach from the Ararat village of Ararat province.
The most favorite occupation of our boy with big eyes is playing with toy construction cars, including cranes, excavators, trucks, etc. He is especially excited when these cars are yellow.
Hrach follows the real professional work of construction equipment on YouTube channels, and then he applies those skills learnt to his small cars in his mini-construction.
Of all the seasons he prefers spring the best because he loves it when nature awakens from winter sleep, and the trees are green and bloom again. And likes monkeys most of all animals because they are so funny.
Hrach has an older brother and sister; together with his brother he drives cars and with his sister he plays imitation games, like “going for shopping”, “cooking meals”, etc.
Our boy dreams of having a big toy truck and meeting a very funny clown.


P. S. Yerazank NGO, led by Liana Asoyan, expressed willingness to encourage one of our beneficiaries, and this time, thanks to them, the dream of our Hrach came true.
The clown who visited Hrach together with Yerazank NGO brought a lot of joy with his funny jokes and games.
And now our boy with bright beautiful eyes enjoys playing with his big new “construction” car in his spare time.
We are very grateful to Yerazank NGO for fulfilling Hrach’s dream and bringing him many happy moments.

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