Please meet our 6-year-old Hrachya from the city of Abovyan.
Hrachya’s favorite pastime is watching cartoons on the phone. Moreover, his favorite cartoons do not have clear names and, according to his mother, they are full of mixed characters with an Asian appearance.
Hrach has a 3-year-old sister, with whom he likes to play. Sometimes they fight and in those moments, Hrach offers his parents to replace his sister with a baby brother, by giving her away to another family:)))
Our shy boy colors and paints with pleasure, he especially likes to draw nature. Before starting the treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, he attended karate classes, and after finishing the treatment, he intends to go to vocal classes, because he is very good at singing.
Hrachya loves Mercedes G-Class cars very much and demands from his parents to buy one right now, bring it under the hospital window so that he can get better faster and drive it home himself.
Until then, he will be very happy to have a toy version of that car (definitely black one), in which he will be able to sit and drive.


P. S. For several months now, our Hrachya has been enjoying a smaller version of his favorite Mercedes G-Class car.
His dream came true thanks to one of the Foundation’s kind-hearted friends, who again wished to remain anonymous.
We wish our strong Hrach “green light on the roads”, and once again express our deepest gratitude to our friend.

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