Please meet our 5-year-old Kassiana.
Drawing and playing on the phone are two favorite occupations of our girl with a unique name, meaning “Starry Night”. By the way, her “canvases” are either painted only in black, or in different bright colors. Of all the phone games she especially likes car races, virtual combat, and most of all she loves billiards and always beats both her dad and her dad’s friends:)
Our beauty also has interesting food choices; she doesn’t eat meat at all, but really likes fried potatoes and any kind of pasta, which she enjoys with pickled cucumbers and other picked vegetables. Although Kassiana is a sweet-tooth, she can also eat whole lemons with great pleasure.
Kassiana had previously wanted to become a teacher, but after coming to the hospital, she decided to be a doctor to insert a catheter into kids without any pain and certainly cure them.
Our sweetheart will be happy to meet Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse and get toy cooking utensils, but most important part is that the gift must be beautifully wrapped.


P. S. Dreams come true when there are willing and good people.
Dreams of Kassiana, our girl with a unique name, meaning “Starry Night”, came true thanks to beautiful Lilia Shushanyan. Kassiana received a variety of toys as well as stylish clothing, all beautifully packaged and decorated with symbolic stars, and the character Minnie Mouse was replaced by a toy one due to safety needs.
We are very grateful to Lilia for fulfilling Kassiana’s wishes and for putting so much care in choosing and delivering her gifts.
We look forward to tasting the delicious masterpieces made by Kassiana with her new kitchen toy accessories.

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