Resuming the series about our children’s dreams, today we want to introduce you to our 4-year-old Levon from the “Armenian Sparta” Tsovagyugh:) of Gegharkunik region.
Our blue-eyed boy loves cars and everything connected with them the most. His favorite color of cars is red, and the favorite brand is ToLota:). Even the fairy tales Levon listens to before going to bed are about cars and champions.
Our sweet boy is looking forward to recovering, growing up, building a two-story house and planting a tree.
Of all the seasons, he loves winter the most, because in winter he together with his little brother and friends roll in the snow and make a snowman.
Though our Levon is quick to take offense and may stay upset for several days, but as soon as the peace is made, he becomes the same very caring and friendly boy again.
Levon wants to become a doctor and cure all the children in the world. Meanwhile, he dreams of owning a car which is driven by legs.


P. S. Thanks to beautiful Lilia Shushanyan, the dream of one of our children came true months ago.
Recently, Lilia expressed her readiness to make a dream come true again․ This time the lucky one was our brave Levon. Levon has a new car while “racing” which he also trains his leg muscles.
We are very grateful to Lilia for bringing our another kiddo lots of smiles.

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