Today we will tell you about our 5-year-old Lilia from Artsakh.
Our beauty likes to play house the most, and her favorite toys are LOL dolls. She skillfully distinguishes the original LOL doll from the fake one, and her LOL collection is so large that she’s decided to decorate this year’s Christmas tree exclusively with them.
Lilia loves healthy food and enjoys eating fruits and vegetables. She especially enjoys broccoli and green peas and asks her mother to buy them for her almost every day.
While receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, our sweetheart misses her brother and their house in native Artsakh. She is looking forward to completing her treatment to return to Artsakh and have a picnic with her family near the “Grandmother-Grandfather” (“We are Our Mountains”) monument.
Lilia has a very bright imagination, she loves painting and dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. Every evening, she sums up the day (especially if it was memorable), saying “Today was a very good day” and thanking her relatives. Our Lilia’s dream is to have a trampoline so that the sofa can be replaced with it to jump on it all day long.


P. S. Our beautiful Lilia already has her dream trampoline thanks to Peace City NGO, a dear friend of City of Smile ChF. We are grateful to Peace City NGO and personally to Lilit Hambardzumyan, for making our little princess’s dream come true and bringing her lots of joyful vibes.

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