Our first hero of 2020 is 3-year-old Lilit.
Lilitik has an irreplaceable and inseparable friend – a doll named Kuku. She walks with Kuku, feeds Kuku with delicious food, and goes to sleep hugging it. Kuku also often plays the role of a patient when Lilitik assumes the role of a doctor and performs “procedures” with medical toy instruments (you can see the photo of Kuku in the comments).
In her spare time, Lilit also develops her culinary skills by baking cakes and even cooking a barbecue in her toy kitchen.
Our sweetheart also loves to watch interesting shows, movies and especially cartoons about the adventures of Booba, as well as Masha and the Bear. She also has an older brother, and they really enjoy playing with each other… for the first thirty minutes:)))
Strange as it may sound, our Lilitik enjoys coming to the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, calling it a “cute” hospital where her favorite doctor is Samvel Iskanyan.
Our beauty’s dream is to have a pink bike, with a basket, which, as you can guess, is intended for Kuku.


P. S. Thanks to the “Yerazank” NGO and their friends, our Lilitik’s dream also came true; she already has a pink bicycle with a special basket for her favorite doll Kuku.
We are very grateful to our dear partner for fulfilling Lilit’s dream and for the joyous moments they have brought to her.

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