This week’s hero is 6-year-old Lyusia from Artsakh.
Our beauty is very disciplined and neat, and does not like it when things are messy. She enjoys playing with her talking smart doll Tanyusha, who is one of her close friends. In her spare time she likes painting, coloring and working with gypsum and clay.
Lyusia looks forward to returning home, where her older siblings are waiting for her. She also misses her beloved dog, Jimmy.
Lyusia told us many other things as well, but we promised not to reveal any of her secrets, as she mentioned “it is personal”.
Lyusia wants to have a bracelet making kit (“but there should be hearts and jewelry in the kit”, she emphasized), as well as meet with singer Lilit Hovhannisyan.
Her biggest dream is to be rich so that she can build a big hospital where children won’t be hurt (featuring a huge trampoline!).
We hope that all dreams of our beauty will come true.


P. S. Thanks to the good friends of City of Smile Foundation, the cherished wishes of Lucia have been fulfilled.
Our sweet girl already has different bracelet making kits, as well as musical instruments and plenty of other toys.
We are very grateful to our beauties Ani, Inessa, Maria and Mery for giving Lyusia lots of smiles.
We are convinced that these beautiful presents will provide interesting entertainment for our lovely Lyusia and the next stage of her treatment will be more smooth.

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