This week our little heroine is 2.5-year-old Mane from Lori region.
Before she got sick, our little miracle was a very lively kid, constantly singing and dancing. During the treatment period, she prefers more passive leisure time and especially enjoys painting and coloring, as well as playing with sand and building sand castles.
Mane misses her home very much and all her family looks forward to her quick recovery and return back to village. It was in the village that Mane saw horses for the first time and fell in love with them, and since then these beautiful animals are her favorite ones.
Our sweetheart with long eyelashes, in spite of all stereotypes, does not play with dolls but rather likes “driving” cars.
Mane dreams to have a bicycle and take bike rides with all members of her family.


P. S. The dream of our little Mane also came true thanks to the partner organization of City of Smile Charitable Foundation “There Is Always HOPE”.
With her beautiful and comfortable bicycle, she is ready for long bike rides, for now with the help of her mom or dad, and later on her own.
We are grateful to “There is Always Hope” organization and Mrs. Anahit Harutiunyan and Mrs. Ruzanna personally for fulfilling Mane’s dream. We are sure that this surprise will greatly enhance the mood of our beauty.

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