Today we will tell you about our 6-year-old Maria Alexandra.
The future parents had long discussions about the name of our beauty and, finally, after including the options they both wanted, this beautiful and original combination was obtained.
Our Masha is an exceptional animal lover. Permanent residents of their house – a dog, a turtle and a duck, are not enough for her and every day she hosts, feeds and then releases different animals from their yard, including beetles, mosquitoes:)) and even cockroaches. From the age of three, Maria does not eat meat at all and does not understand meat eaters (including her family members :)).
Our kind girl decided to establish a special organization as she grows up, which will take care of homeless animals.
Maria’s uniqueness is not limited to this: she is one of the very few children we know who loves rock the most and especially enjoys listening to the performances of the German band Rammstein.
She also loves the songs in the “Trolls” cartoon, as well as all the characters of this animated film, and has got a large collection of mini-figurines of them. (picture in the comments)
Masha dreams of replenishing her collection of mini-figures of “Trolls” cartoon characters and having a real guitar.


P. S. Thanks to the Makhtesyan Helping Hands Foundation, the dream of our another kiddo came true: our Maria has already got a guitar. It is difficult to describe in words the excitement of our sweetheart when receiving the gift – she was joyfully jumping and hugging everyone around:)
We are grateful to Makhtesyan Helping Hands Foundation and Lusine Nersisyan personally for those happy moments. We look forward to enjoying our Masha’s performances together.

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