This Wednesday our hero is 4-year-old Mark from Tavush region.
Mark is the youngest brother of three sisters. You can probably imagine how much his sisters are “spoiling” their beloved little bro. Every day after school they rush home, quickly do all the homework and devote all their free time to playing various games with Mark.
Our sweet boy has a very special connection with his native village of Paravakar and during his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center he misses his favorite forests a lot. Having said that, while being at home, he often tells his mother that he would like to come to Yerevan and play in the PCBDC’s playroom. (We’re grateful to all our partners for always keeping the playroom full of new games and toys.)
Mark usually has a very good appetite and especially likes eating fish, but on certain days of chemotherapy the only food combination he does not refuse to eat is cucumber-greens-cheese-bread.
Our joyful boy loves cars and dreams of having a big car-bed.


We wish you the same emotions that our Mark had when he saw his dream car-bed.
We are very grateful to dear friends of City of Smile Foundation Mariana Vartanian and Garik Sargsyan for these special moments full of joy and smiles.

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