This Wednesday our hero is 7-year-old Mayis from Kotayk.
Mayis’s hobby is playing with lego-type blocks. With his Lego playsets he builds houses, cars and ships and unites them into a big Lego city.
He also likes to play with sand, building houses. As you understand, our lovely boy has already decided on his future profession: he will become a constructor and build 100 and more storey buildings. Sometimes he also thinks about becoming a policeman, because he wants to protect good people and punish criminals.
Of all the animals, Mayis loves dogs (especially his dog named Bulldog), rabbits, cows and “cow calves” the most. The most important reason to love cows so much is the milk they give, from which Mayis’s favorite matzoon (Armenian yogurt) is made.
Mayis has an older brother and a younger sister. He often plays “boyish” games with his older brother, and then they go and play with their two-year-old sister and make her giggle․
Our shy Mayis dreams of having a big toyhouse in which he can play.


P. S. Kind-hearted people continue to make our kids’ dreams come true.
Thanks to “Makhtesyan Helping Hands” Foundation, our Mayis already has the toy house he long dreamt of, where he loves to play with his sister.
We are deeply grateful to Makhtesyan Helping Hands Foundation, personally to beautiful Lusine Nersisyan, for choosing and presenting this wonderful gift with such great love and care.

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