Please meet our 9-year-old Meline from Ararat.
Meline’s favorite pastime is painting․ She is especially good at painting landscapes. Of all the colors, she likes red the most.
Meline also enjoys playing games on the phone. She usually gets bored very quickly and replaces old applications with new ones.
Meline often fights with her little 4-year-old brother over whose turn it is to play on the phone, but nevertheless, they love each other very much and constantly kiss each other:)
Our smart girl does very well in school, but she gets tired of reading long texts. Instead, she is a big fan of Maths.
Meline does not watch cartoons because, by her own definition, she is “already a big girl”, but she really enjoys following the events of the “Fake Mama” sitcom.
During the conversation, our beauty at first found it difficult to tell what her dream was (later we found out that she was just being too shy:)). Eventually, her choice fell on a large doll (not a Barbie-type one) and paint-by-number kits.


P. S. It’s very touching when our former beneficiaries and their family members respond and express their willingness to realize the dreams of our children who are currently receiving treatment.Our sweetheart Meline’s wish to have a big doll and painting accessories came true thanks to our beauty Mary and her sister.As a sign of gratitude, Meline made a thank-you card, and we will gladly pass it on to Mary’s father Gor. We are very grateful to Mary and her family, let our girls always be very healthy.

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