Today’s hero is 1.7-year-old Mikael from Kotayk.
Our tasty bun’s:) most favorite pastime is watching cartoons. He especially likes educational cartoons about fruits and numbers and series featuring adventures of the Three Cats.
Mikael enjoys playing with small papers, clothing labels:) and pencils. Pencils are sometimes used directly – he likes to color and prefers bright colors: yellow, red, blue.
Our strong boy loves to play with broken parts of toys. He mainly breaks the toys himself in order to play, but sometimes his older sister (3 years old) “helps” him. They play a lot with each other, often trying to involve the youngest member of the family, their newborn sister, too.
Mikael is a very active kid․ He can run and play with ball all day long, but at the same time he is very careful, rarely falls and gets injured.
Before the diagnosis, Mikael slept next to his mother, but while receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, he got used to comfortably sleeping on a “big” bed and no longer allows even his mom to lie next to him.
Our sweetheart Miko will be very happy to have a big bed at their home, too.


P. S. Our Mikael can already stretch quietly while sleeping, for a kind young man, who wished to remain anonymous, has prepared a wooden house-bed for him with great love and care. According to Miko’s mother, in addition to primary use, Miko and his older sister also jump in the bed all day long and play with “mayliks” (smilies:)), hanging from the “ceiling of the house”.
We are grateful to our friend for making Miko’s dream come true. We are sure that from now on our sweet bun:) will only have good and sweet dreams.

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