Please meet our 5-year-old Narek from Vanadzor.
Our teddy bear:)) likes to assemble lego-type constructors, talk to the cat in his mommy’s phone and play with small cars that must be made of iron.
Like all children, Narek also loves to watch cartoons, especially the adventures of wolf and rabbit in the old Russian cartoon “Nu pogodi!” (Ну погоди!), cheering for the rabbit.
Our boy has a very interesting musical taste and his favorite song is “Noravank candles”, the other favorite song is described as “Lalila”, the singer of which is a curly boy like our Narek, and Narek misses his curls very much while watching the video clip and is looking forward to his hair growing back again.
To our question as to whom he would like to meet, our sensitive boy answered without hesitation; “Ani from our kindergarten”. It turns out that Narek misses Ani very much and looks forward to their next meeting.
Narek dreams of having a piano/ synthesizer and a guitar and learning to play well these musical instruments.


P. S. Today our Narek’s dream also came true. Armen Muradyan, the Rector of Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi, visited Narek and brought many gifts for him. They had a very sincere meeting and our boy received not only musical instruments he had dreamed of, but also a very good bike that he rode skillfully from the very first minute.
We are very grateful to Mr. Muradyan for fulfilling our Narek’s wishes and bringing him a lot of happy moments.

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