Resuming the series about our children’s dreams, we want to tell you about our 7-year-old Nvard from Artsakh.
Nvardik is the 5th of 6 children in the family and is very close to all her siblings.
She loves to work in both real and toy kitchen, preparing delicious salads and treating her family members. Her mother is the one especially appreciating her culinary masterpieces. Of all the dishes prepared by her mother, she likes soup borsch and fried potatoes the most.
Nvardik’s hobbies are also painting and coloring. She approaches this issue very meticulously and never goes beyond the edges when coloring. Of all the cartoons, she likes only “Masha and the Bear” and nothing else.
Our strong sweetheart has decided to become a pediatric oncologist and is clearly informed about her treatment protocol. She is very curious and eagerly awaits when she will be allowed to be present and personally watch the installation surgery of a port-a-cath.
Her favorite seasons is winter. She feels a bit sad for not being able to play snowball in the yard, make a snowman at this stage of her treatment.
Nvardik misses Hadrut and their house in Hadrut, which she often draws, very much. After the war, our Nvardik is very anxious and expresses fear when she hears about border tensions: “well, if the fight starts, how am I going to escape with this catheter?”…
Nvardik dreams of having a desk and chair in “girly” colors.


Thanks to kind people, our Nvardik’s dream also came true. Our beauty is already writing, drawing and painting, sitting around her new desk. She’s promised to paint a beautiful picture and present it to Yervand who fulfilled her wish.
We are very grateful to Yervand and special thanks to Anahit Sargsyan, a friend of the Foundation.

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