Our hero this week is 5-year-old Nver from Vardenis.
Օur boy with warmest smile prepares for school with great pleasure – he wants to learn Russian very much and is very excited about writing letters and numbers and proudly demonstrates the work he has done.
Nverik loves his doctor “SNavikovna” (Lusine Hakobyan) very much and imagines his treatment process as follows: “Snavikovna will send me home, then I’ll come to the hospital, then I’ll go, I’ll come again, then I’ll go home again … and I won’t come any more…”.
He is confident that proper nutrition? (“what matters is my eating”) is essential to recovery, and he eats buckwheat several times a week while dreaming of summer and watermelon and vanilla ice cream.
His hobbies are painting and singing, especially “Hmayak” song :)))
Our brave boy wants to become a Power Ranger to help people.
Nver dreams of having a car-bed and it is compulsory for it to have functional headlights.


P. S. A kind friend of City of Smile Charitable Foundation, who again wished to remain anonymous, made our unique Nver’s very unusual dream come true.
We are sure that in his new car-bed, our Nvero will have only good and colorful dreams.
We’re grateful to our friend for being there for us and our children.

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