Our little hero this week is 3-year-old Razmik from Armavir region.
Razmik is a very mobile and energetic kid. While talking to us, he was constantly jumping, spinning around, and treating us fruit.
At the very beginning of our conversation, our boy mentioned that since his hair has fallen off, his head began to look like his father’s shaved face.
In his spare time he enjoys watching cartoons “Masha and the Bear” and “Nu Pogodi” (“Well, Just You Wait!”), playing soccer and riding a bicycle.
Razmik also loves playing with his little brother and assisting his mother with his brother’s care.
Razmik dreams of getting a big blue car that he can sit in and drive… and flowers for Grandma:)


P. S. Thanks to our kind partner Yerazank NGO, our Razmik’s wish also came true․ He received his dream car, which he kept driving around the first floor of the Hematology Center.
We are very grateful to Yerazank NGO and beautiful Liana Asoyan personally for bringing our sweet boy very happy moments

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