This week’s hero is 10-year-old Romik from Aparan. Our courageous boy, along with fighting cancer, is also going through the recovery of spinal fracture, but he does not despair and eagerly waits for the doctors to allow him to eat his favorite dishes of dolma and kebab.
He likes to play with his talking “friend” toy, as well as to make various shapes from paper.
Romik dreams of having a remote controlled car, but this time he has promised himself to “drive” more carefully and not to crash it. He would also be very happy to have a smart watch and to meet with Mihran Tsarukyan.


Thanks to our kind friends at EasyPay other dreams of our Romik also came true. He now has a very large and extremely fast car and a really “smart” watch, on which besides the main function he can also play games, make calls, and his relatives can track his location.
We thank Easypay and the beautiful ladies from this company for bringing joy to Romik.

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