Please meet our 11-year-old Ruben from Akhalkalaki.
Ruben is obsessed with Lego playsets and other small-detailed things. He likes watching movies, except those of horror genre as he is worried about not being able to sleep for a couple of months.
In his spare time our brave boy likes to ride a bike. He told us that once, when he was riding a bicycle in his hometown, he fell and got a bit injured, but did not get scared.
Ruben really loves exact sciences and hasn’t yet decided what specialist to become: a programmer, an architect, a mathematician or a scientist (or all together). He proudly mentioned that while he was in school he got only 9s and 10s (out of 10) for Math.
He dreams about meeting with Aram Mp3, going to robotics classes and having a big Lego set.


With the support of “Yerazanq” NGO, our Ruben’s another dream came true: he met with Aram Mp3.
Ruben was a bit shy at the beginning, but was very happy to see his favorite singer. While speaking about their hobbies, Aram and Ruben have found out that both of them love to drive bicycles. They also talked about sports, Ruben’s beloved Lego playsets and the differences between schools in Armenia and Georgia.
They agreed that by the next meeting Ruben would have built the playset gifted to him and would show it to Aram.
We are very grateful to “Yerazanq” NGO and Aram Mp3 for fulfilling our beloved Ruben’s wish.

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