Please meet our 5-year-old Sargis from Ararat region.
Sargis’s obsessed with cars․ He can play with cars all day long, build garages and parking lots․․․
He is very close to his older brother Serozhik, and they love to draw and play different games together. Unlike little chatterbox Serozhik, Sargis is more serious and self-contained.
Sargis also likes to spend time in the yard․ He plays with sand, bakes sandy “cakes”, and serves them to his family members.
Our teddy bear has a very unique gastronomic taste․ In addition to traditional dishes, he also enjoys eating exotic snacks, such as chicken comb and legs marinade.
After starting his treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, he decided to become a doctor so that he could “give life to everyone like he is given one”. On the way of getting skills for his future profession, he regularly measures his mother’s pressure and prescribes treatment courses to his toys.
Sargis dreams of having a big car, in which he will be able to sit and drive, and a lot of balloons!


P. S. Vick Ismailyan, who has already become our dear friend, continues to make our children’s dreams come true.
This time our sweet teddy bear Sargis got the car he wanted.
We are very grateful to Vick for fulfilling our Sako’s wish and we were very happy to see him in the homeland.

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