This Wednesday our little hero is 2-year-old Sona from Yerevan.
Our Sona is very stylish․ Her hobby is wearing different clothes and organizing a fashion show. For Sona, buying clothes is a very long and scrupulous process, which she must personally participate in. She always matches the color of her clothes with the color of her nail polish (and vice versa), and if she doesn’t like any clothes, no force in the world can make her wear them.
Our sweetheart has decided to become a doctor, and from now on she organizes practical classes using toy medical collections with the participation of her favorite patient, her mother, so that she can become even more skilled in her future profession.
Sona’s favorite toys are dolls, she also loves to play with toys with light and sound effects and watch cartoons. Of all the cartoons, she especially enjoys following the adventures of Masha and the Bear and sincerely cheers for the Bear.
Our beauty has a healthy self-esteem and regularly reminds everyone about it, saying “I’m a good girl, I’m a pretty girl”.
While receiving treatment at the Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Sona misses her father, other relatives and their home very much, and keeps repeating: “As soon as Sona is cured, she will go home”.
Sona dreams of having a big three-wheeled bicycle and a tall, non-soft doll, who will “become her friend”, whom she will feed, put on beautiful clothes, put on lipstick, and go for a walk together.
P.S. At Sona’s request, all her photos are filled with lots of heart signs.


P. S. Kind people around the world continue to fulfill our children’s dreams, bringing them many happy moments.
Our sweetheart Sona’s dream also came true thanks to “There is always hope”, a friend of City of Smile Foundation.
We are convinced that even across the ocean our partners felt the joy and excitement that Sona experienced when she saw her gifts.
We are very grateful to “There is always hope”, personally to Anahit Harutyunyan, for the firework of emotions brought to Sona.

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