Today, we introduce you to Tamara, a remarkable 4-year-old from the beautiful Shirak region. Despite her tender age, Tamara’s unwavering courage has been a beacon of hope for her family since the moment she learned of her diagnosis. She declared with a heart full of determination, ‘I will recover soon, so that you won’t have to be sad.’
As she continues her brave journey to conquer illness Tamara remains a source of inspiration, sharing her heartfelt prayers for a swift recovery.
Tamara is a lively and creative child who finds joy in dancing and expressing herself through art. She possesses remarkable communication skills and enjoys engaging in lengthy conversations with her beloved  aunt. And when it comes to spending long and interesting time Tamara prefers doing that with her grandparents.
Adding to her incredible story of strength, Tamara recently became a big sister just one month ago. While her mother cares for her newborn sibling, Tamara courageously faces her battle against cancer with the loving support of her aunt and grandmother.
On October 9th, Tamara will celebrate her 5th birthday, a significant milestone in her life. For her birthday, she has a heartfelt wish – a big, pink car with two seats. Her dream is to share precious moments behind the wheel with her little sister by her side.
Join us in celebrating Tamara’s resilience and her upcoming 5th birthday by helping us make her dream come true. Your support can bring smiles, hope, and cherished moments to this brave young soul.


It’s a birthday today, and today dreams come true. Today, our Tamara, overcoming the complications from treatment, is temporarily discharged from the hospital and is going home to celebrate her birthday, riding the pink car of her dreams, accompanied by her little sister.
We are very grateful to our friend Anahit’s family and friends for making Tamar’s day so special.
And on the occasion of Tamara’s birthday, we all have only one wish for her: Be healthy․

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