Please meet Tamara – 10 years old, from Yerevan. Tamara has 2 brothers.
She is this absolutely sweet and cute girl with great strength. Tamara has already once defeated this sickness.
However in January, 2019, she was diagnosed again with acute lymphoblastic leucosis. Now she is getting her treatment at Hematology Center named after Yeolyan. Inspite of that Tamara is not getting discouraged and is ready to fight back again and win.
She has this special ? notebook, where she writes down all her dreams and wishes, which she will make true after her recovery.
Tamara dreams to learn to paint/draw.
She also really wants to visit Citizen entertaining center and Exotarium to see the famous big turtle there.


P.S. We are so excited to say that our Tamara’s dreams are also coming true. She has already started taking drawing classes on February 10. While she is in hospital, the teacher will be visiting her there and they will have classes! As for Tamara’s visits to Cityzen and Exotarium, those visits are also arranged. Once our sweet girl is back home from the hospital and is ready for some fun, those visits will be arranged! We are very grateful to all big-hearted people who immediately stepped in an offered their help to make Tamara’s dreams come true.

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