Please meet our 5-year-old Tigran from Vardenis.
Due to exceptional diligence and willpower, he daily records new results on the way of overcoming difficulties and post-surgery rehabilitation.
Tigran is also a very caring friend. In the kindergarten he used to calm down the younger children, that were crying for their moms. And now, while receiving treatment at the Hematology Center after R. Yolyan, he urges other children to cheer up, often in the cute dialect of Vardenis.
Tigran likes to play with kinetic sand and he would like to have a bicycle that would serve him both for recreational activities and quick recovery.


P. S. Thanks to Lilit Karapetyan, a Moscow-based benefactor, our Tigran’s dream was also fulfilled. Now he’s got a bike he likes so much that wants to ride constantly. By the way, he is pretty good at riding it from the very first moment.
We are sure that the bicycle will help our goal-oriented boy to recover faster and just to have fun.
We once again thank Ms. Lilit for her willingness to make Tigran’s wish come true.

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