Today we will tell you about our 11-year-old Tigran from Yerevan.
Tigran’s favorite hobby is painting. He is especially good at painting landscapes. He also has very good skills of drawing on gadgets and of various editing programs (he willingly promised to teach us, too).
Of all the seasons, he likes winter the most, because he can play snowballs with his little brother and, in general, “the heat is hard.”
Our brave boy treats his brother with exceptional care and does not get angry with him even when the latter comes, grabs the phone and runs away.
Getting ready for coming to the hospital for the next round of chemotherapy is challenging for him for two main reasons: because there are too many crying children in the hospital and he has trouble falling asleep, and because in the mornings he has to get up earlier than he would like to. As you have understood, healthy and uninterrupted sleep is one of the most important preconditions for our Tigran’s rest.
While talking about finishing the treatment, Tigran quickly lists his plans: to graduate from school, study a bit more, get a job, and as for the short-term plans, he smiles when talking about the possibility of playing with friends again, which has gotten a bit difficult these days․․․
Tigran has decided to become a jeweler and has already promised to make a golden piece for each of the medical staff taking care of him.
Our kind-hearted boy will be very happy to receive a large set of painting accessories, which will include everything necessary for drawing.


29/12/2021 2021-11-03
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